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Richard Kohler: Kayak across the Atlantic

Written by on 19th April 2021

Richard Kohler is an Awesome Pazzi

Richard is going to kayak across the Atlantic Ocean later this year. We caught up with on 6Pazzi Radio and had a chat with this “Pazzi” (crazy person)

Richard Kohler chats with Patrick Cromwell on 6Pazzi Radio

Richard Kohler will kayak from Cape Town to Brazil, 7000 km unsupported and on his own.
More than 3000 persons have climbed Mount Everest. Over a 100 have traveled to the Arctic, but no one has kayaked across the Southern Atlantic Ocean.
“I would be lying if I said wasn’t bitterly disappointed but I have no choice but to postpone my Ocean X odyssey to Brazil – this has been a dream of mine for 10 years!
My planning began three years ago, but with all the uncertainty around the current pandemic globally I believe the risks are stacked against me.
The enforced hard lockdowns meant that delays would be inevitable but no one could have been prepared for the many setbacks. We were on track with the build and we were ready to start the first round of sea trials in mid-December, however the day after we launched the kayak in Langebaan lagoon, the beaches were closed by the government under the adjusted Level 3 lockdown restrictions.
Fortunately, that one paddle proved to be the most valuable exercise as it confirmed the need to include my original design of the keel for improved stability. Sea trials require a minimum of a month and a half, which excludes any alterations. With a very tight deadline to leave within the current weather window, there is only a short time left for me to complete all my tasks.
From a safety perspective it would be crazy to undertake my journey to Brazil without ticking every single box on my checklist. This does not include any uncertainty over the virus. The positive side is it gives me 10 more months to ensure the kayak is 100% and ready to go. My life depends on it!.”
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